Basic requirements of the standard of guest houses
according to 200-2+A1:2004

Guest house – accommodation for lodging and servicing of guests, which is owned or leased by an enterprise (business company) and has at least five rooms. To the guest houses first, second, third or fourth category is conferred, which is designated by Roman numerals.

General requirements for guest houses:
- façade, interior and furniture of the guest house is in good technical condition and has esthetic appearance;
- entrances and advertisement signs of the guest house in the dark hours of the day are lit from outside;
- the guest house is physically separated from other buildings or other parts of the same building;
- ceiling height of public-use premises of the guest house to be constructed is at least 3 m, but in the existing guest houses and those to be reconstructed the ceiling height of public-use premises is at least 2.5 m;
- ceiling height of sleeping premises – at least 2.5 m, in the existing guest houses and those to be reconstructed – at least 2.4 m;
- guest house is insured according to the requirements determined in the legislation;
- each room has the information on fire safety measures and evacuation plan according to requirements of LVS 446 "Safety Signs and Signal Painting to be Used for Fire Safety and Civil Defence";
- heating of the guest house: in premises used by guests the whole year the temperature must be kept at least 18 ºC, in bathrooms – at least 23 ºC.