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HOTREC raises strong concerns about the shadow tourist accommodation market and calls for a level playing field

Brussels, 28 October 2014 – On the occasion of its 69th General Assembly, the members of HOTREC, the trade association of the European hospitality industry, debated about the drawbacks of the shadow hospitality economy and adopted a position paper calling for a level playing field on the tourist accommodation market.

HOTREC has been monitoring with concern the rapid market development of online platforms providing private accommodation to tourists as well as the growing number of listed properties; both of which often developing in an uncontrolled way. Such developments pose questions in relation to matters relevant to the whole society in Europe. Cities are reporting problems of housing, as many properties are withdrawn from the market to the benefit of renting them out short term. Residential areas are often disturbed, which already lead to demonstrations against tourists in neighbourhoods.

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Susanne Kraus-Winkler elected President of HOTREC

Riga, HOTREC 69th General Assembly, 16 October 2014 - HOTREC, the trade association of hotels, restaurants and cafés in Europe, elected today its new President and Executive Committee as well as welcome two new members, bringing its representativeness to 29 European countries.

Elected President of HOTREC, position that she will take on from January 1st 2015, Ms. Kraus-Winkler has been a Member of HOTREC Executive Committee since 2004 and Vice-President since 2010. She has a long-standing management experience of the tourism and hospitality industry in Austria and is a Founding partner of the LOISIUM Wine & Spa resort Hotel. Board Member of APHA, the Austrian Association of Hotels, Ms. Kraus-Winkler holds several positions at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

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LVRA līdz 2015.gada vidum turpinās īstenot ESF projektu nozares komersantu konkurētspējas veicināšanai.


Projekta mērķis ir viesmīlības, tūrisma un saistīto nozaru (tai skaitā, transporta, pārtikas, veselības aprūpes utml.) uzņēmumu darbinieku kvalifikācijas celšana, jaunu zināšanu, prasmju un iemaņu apguve, jauno apmācību virzienu un to kritēriju noteikšana saskaņā ar viesmīlības, tūrisma un saistīto nozaru uzņēmumu nozares vajadzībām, tādējādi veicinot uzņēmumu un pašnodarbināto personu konkurētspēju un attīstību.

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The newly formed HOTREC Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee will engage in a new programme to foster employment, education and training in the hospitality sector for the next 3 years

Riga, 16 October 2014 – On the occasion of its 69 General Assembly, HOTREC, the business association representing the European hospitality industry, announced the election of Santa Graikste (AHRL, Latvia),  István Kovács (HHRA, Hungary) and Andrea Stoccoro (FIPE, Italy) as Members of its Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee (SSD).
The newly elected members together with the HOTREC SSD Chairman, Jean-Marc Banquet d´Orx (elected in April 2014) and Andrew Muscat are committed to develop a new programme to foster youth employment, upskilling, education and training in order to dynamise the hospitality sector. The programme will be developed together with HOTREC trade-union counterpart, EFFAT, and the representatives of the European Commission.

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The European Hospitality Foundation grants Imants Lancmanis the Nobel price of the hospitality industry

Brussels, 16 October 2014 – Imants Lancmanis, painter, specialist in Art History, restauration of art and architectural monuments, received today the nobel price of the hospitality sector, granted by the European Hospitality Foundation.
I would like to congratulate Mr. Imants Lancmanis for his remarkable contribution towards the Hospitality sector over the years”, said Mr. Kent Nyström President of Hotrec.
Imants Lancmanis dedicated his entire life to art history, architectural restauration of monuments, painting. He was also the author of several art books and developed a great performance as social worker. Mr. Lancmanis is since 1975 the director of Rundale Palace, the Versailles of Latvia. The complete restauration work of the palace has been done under his supervision. Nowadays Rundale Palace hosts regular exhibitions on themes related to the castle and the Latvian history.
The European Hospitality Foundation award is the symbol of the recognition of the professionals of the hospitality sector to the magnificent contribution performed by Mr. Imants Lancmanis to the tourism hospitality over the years. It is our pleasure to grant him this award designed by Miquel Planas Rosseló, famous artist and chairman of Sculpture, Department of Sculpture, Professor at Fine Arts Faculty in Barcelona.”, added Mr. Joan Gaspart, Vice-President of EHF.
Mr. Lancmanis contribution to Latvian culture is invaluable, when taking into account his contribution in terms of history and art legacy. For this reason the hospitality sector is mostly grateful to him.

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